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One-On-One With CEO Erica A. Lumpert and Security Associates of Coastal Georgia, LLC


Written by Mollee D. Harper

Georgia Entertainment News caught up with Erica A. Lumpert founder and CEO for Security Associates of Coastal Georgia, LLC. Lumpert got her start in the security industry in 1994, and worked as a consultant before starting and managing several successful security businesses. During our one-on-one, Lumpert shares insights on her journey, and the unique way her company serves the Atlanta and Savannah communities with customized concierge-styled security services. She also highlights her work in the entertainment industry, keeping entertainers who come to Georgia for productions and performances safe, secure and protected, and her passion for Savannah and community.

Security Associates of Coastal Georgia, LLC (SACG) was founded in 2012 by Erica A. Lumpert who serves as Chief Executive Officer. SACG is headquartered in Atlanta with a Branch office in Savannah. SACG offers a full suite of security services to fit both personal and business needs for people living and working in Savannah and throughout coastal Georgia. Security services include 24/7 facility management, roving patrols, armed and unarmed Officers, special event security, on-call security officers, and more.

 “Preparation is the key to crime prevention in any given circumstance, especially when it comes to the security of your business and employees. We provide a wide range of progressive safety and security services customized to meet the specific needs of individuals and businesses, including Georgia’s entertainment industry. We primarily place trained security personnel onsite with our clients, but also provide security details for executives and VIPs. Our mission is to provide quality security services with a focus on our partner engagement. Our mission is to ensure our clients and their assets are safe, secure and protected.”

Lumpert added, “At SACG, we also offer a concierge-type of security.  For example;  where our security personnel serve as a Security Receptionist. This provides an additional front line of security for our clients. With a File Maker developer I developed a new app to create real time reporting of security incidents that we provide to our clients every day. We can count furniture, check lights, and do anything else our clients need us to do to give them an added value service. Our clients really love our DAR reports. We worked with them to learn their specific needs in data and developed the app with that in mind.”

“I’ve been in the security business in Savannah  for many years.  A lot of people know me and the level of services I provide. We get so much of our business by word of mouth based on our reputation for exceptional service.”

“We try to run a lean structure and use our dollars in other ways that enhance our offering. We don’t need to have a big office because our offices are really where our clients are. I’m the CEO but I also handle all the accounting and corporate administration. Rita Raines is our Director of Operations who runs the Savannah Office as well as handles local HR and admin in Savannah.”

“When our employees work at different job sites, they don’t always meet one another. So, we have Annual Town Hall Meetings to bring everyone together so they know they are a part of something bigger,” she said.

Lumpert continued, “We are doing hands on training this week because we want our employees to be Security Professionals and  have the ability to meet the job requirements. There is a lot of listening and communication that goes into our training to be successful in the security industry. We really want our trainees to be proud of what they are doing and the trade they represent. The knowledge we provide is lifelong.   We want them to know how to conduct themselves in any given circumstance.  . We also provide continuing education throughout the year to ensure our security personnel stay current in the latest rules and regulations.

“In the film industry, we have worked on Southern Nights in Savannah, the Miki Howard story and Royal Pains TV show, along with other productions. We provided executive protection for Tiffani Taylor the artist, as well as for the Rock ‘n Roll Marathon.  A lot of VIPs and high profile entertainers come into town and don’t have their own security detail, we can provide that for them. We’ve always done entertainment work and would like to do more business in this area as Georgia’s entertainment industry continues to grow.”

Lumpert emphasized, “We want the entertainment industry to know we are really flexible and fast to respond to their needs. They may call and say we need an officer and then realize they really need two. We work with the production companies that come into town so we can assist them, not overkill their budget with security, but give them exactly what they need while their working on location in Georgia. Often they are leaving sets overnight and need someone to safe guard their equipment. We do that too.”

“We are flexible and are able to offer our clients exactly what they need when they need it.  We really know Savannah. We are able to do little things for them before they arrive. We pride ourselves on being a concierge security service company with custom solutions to meet their exact needs.”

“The majority of our business is commercial security solutions on locations including unarmed officers at our client’s facilities, whether at a gatehouse, reception desk or patrolling a neighborhood.

“We now offer janitorial services because one client loved how we managed our security services at a large event. We were approached about it, and took that over for the Botanical Gardens and its running very well. We have even had wedding planners call us to go out and clean houses or facilities between events. While that isn’t our primary focus, we realized we could easily expand our services to bring this additional value to our clients by managing those services for them when we are onsite.”

Lumpert emphasized, “I like to give back to the community where we work.  I participate in Savannah’s monthly art walk, Lip Sync Battle for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Rape Crisis Center, and JCB Mud Run. We sponsor security for different annual events and festivals including the Savannah Stop Over Music festival, Revival Festival, and A-Town Get Down festival.“

“Savannah is such a great place and even reminds me of where I grew up in New York. The community and smallness of it and being able to walk places is a big part of its charm.”

 Lumpert concluded, “I really believe we need to give back to the community where we live and work. At SACG, we really focus on giving back to the community and providing concierge security services. I want my employees to feel good about what they do and the positive difference they make in our client’s lives and our community.”

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