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Ric Reitz, President Of SAG-AFTRA Atlanta Local, Shared Secrets Of Hiring Actors On The Cheap


Politics, even at the local union level, can be brutal. And that’s certainly the case in the ongoing election at the SAG-AFTRA local in Atlanta, which is embroiled in one of the bitterest local elections in decades.

One side has accused the other of being “carpetbaggers” who are plotting secretly to undermine Georgia’s booming film and TV industry in order to drive the work back home to Los Angeles, while the other claims that incumbent SAG-AFTRA Atlanta President Ric Reitz has so many conflicts of interest he shouldn’t even have been allowed to seek re-election.

Amidst the accusations and name-calling, a podcast from 2014, sent anonymously to Deadline, has surfaced in which Reitz can be heard criticizing his fellow actors and advising producers how to use a “magic formula” to hire stars on the cheap – surprising advice coming from the president of a major SAG-AFTRA local covering all of Georgia and South Carolina.

Reitz, seeking a third two-year term at the top of the Union Strong Atlanta (USA) slate, is not only a busy actor but a Georgia film tax credits broker, connecting buyers with sellers of tax credits and helping companies obtain them. His business partner and running mate, actor and attorney Wilbur Fitzgerald, is vying for a seat on the local’s board.

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