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RoadShow Management Partners reportedly commits $25 million to invest in Georgia Films


RoadShow Management Partners, headed by Whit Blakeley has reportedly committed to a raise of $25 million to invest in films. We have not confirmed the stage of the fund raising and focus of the programming if any.

According to their web site, Whit has “innovated numerous services and business concepts that have gained him recognition statewide.” He is the Founder of The Ritz Group. The strategy, according to the company’s web site is:

RoadShow Management Partners LLC is dedicated to assisting investors seeking to evaluate and invest in small budget, independent producers of film, television and digital media (music). The maximum investment in any project does not exceed $2,500,000 and is targeting the non-studio production in the $500,000 to $5,000,000 range.

We are targeting predominately the 18 to 35 year old market which tends to favor genres including horror, action adventure, romantic comedy and faith based film and television productions. Negotiated terms with producers will require that investors have first rights to profit participation and be paid “above the line” from the first revenues of the project from whatever source.

The fund targets an initial investment return of 120% to130% payable within 6 months of project release to 2 years. In addition, the fund will receive, based on its total investment to total budget, an equity rate of 40% to 51% over the total revenue life of a project.

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