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To Keep Pace With Production, Georgia Is Building A Homegrown Film and TV Workforce


As the state of Georgia was cementing its name as a leading destination for film and television production, questions began to arise several years ago about whether they had the manpower to sustain their corner of the industry. Driven in large part by an alluring tax credit offered by the state and the presence of over a dozen major sound studio complexes, production revenue in Georgia has skyrocketed from $242 million to $9.5 billion over the last decade.

Historically recognized as the province of Coca-Cola and Turner Broadcasting, Georgia now ranks third in the nation and fifth in the world in film and television production. As a way of further aiding the industry while also serving the economic interests of his constituents, Republican Governor Nathan Deal announced the creation of the Georgia Film Academy (GFA) in January 2015. Functioning as a “collaborative effort” with the University System of Georgia (USG) and the Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG), the academy provides a certification program of training and internships in a range of production jobs for college credit.

Seven months after its advent, GFA founders recruited veteran Hollywood writer-producer and Georgia native Jeff Stepakoff to serve as executive director.

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