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America’s Most Popular Movie Set Is… Georgia?!


If you hang around the movie theater to watch the credits, the same image pops up over and over again, regardless of the studio, filmmaker or genre: a peach. A Georgia peach, to be precise, though a movie camera might be in the running for a new state symbol.

In all, 17 of the top 100 American box-office films were produced primarily in the Peach State, topping the United Kingdom (16), Canada (13) and California (12), according to a study by FilmL.A. released in May. It was the first time Georgia has topped the list, but likely not the last, says Adrian McDonald, research analyst for FilmLA. How? To paraphrase an iconic movie catchphrase: Show them the money.

Georgia gives back up to 30 percent of production costs — 20 for shooting there, plus 10 for adding that peach logo — in tax credits to films, TV shows, commercials, music videos and video games produced in the state. For a film like the $250 million Captain America: Civil War, that’s a lot of dough. “The nice thing when you’re looking at Georgia as a producer is that the tax credit applies to all expenses,” McDonald says. “If you pay Jennifer Lawrence $10 million, they cover that.”

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