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CineDrone: Drones for Cinematography Master Class


CineDrone has become the trusted drone team for Hollywood’s most recognized franchises like Captain America: Civil War, Fear the Walking Dead, and 24… to artists like ‘Maroon 5’, Jared Leto’s ‘30 Seconds to Mars’, and Kevin Hart.

We are excited to partner with the CineDrone and provide a master-class workshop in drone filmmaking, aimed at helping new pilots and aspiring aerial DPs learn the in’s and outs of filming for real productions. You’ll hear from CineDrones founder and Aerial DP Mike Fortin and Production Manager Tony Poon, share their creative approach behind some of Hollywood’s most recognized franchises. They’ll give you under-the-hood process of shot design, proper planning, and interacting with crew, safety, that will help you on your exciting journey as an aerial Cinematographer.

This master-class workshop is for those new to aerial filmmaking who want to come away with a practical approach in filming their next project of any budget or size. It is CineDrone’s belief that a more informed and responsible drone community, will only strengthen the Atlanta film community.

DATE: 9/27/2017
TIME: 6:30:00 PM–9:00:00 PM
PRICE: $25 members early bird / $35 non-members early bird
$35 members late fee / $45 non-members late fee

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