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Compilations Shed Light on Atlanta’s Reggae, Worldbeat Scenes


Reggae is not a genre that’s ever been associated with Atlanta, but while the city has but a tiny Rastafarian population, it’s produced a handful of respected albeit little known reggae acts over the years.

Two recent CD releases from Tech Sound Industries attempt to shed light on one of the more overlooked musical corners of Atlanta’s past 30-odd years. History of Atlanta Reggae Volume 1 & 2(combined on one 16-song compact disc) and World Beat & Funky Reggae on Tech Sound (an additional 16 songs) include tracks by One Drop Plus (Atlanta’s most successful reggae band of the late ‘80s), Tony Rankin (original member of early Atlanta reggae band Skin Kings), HQH Posse (popular ‘90s group, pictured), Richard Omar, Synchro System, Machet-T, Rasta Rappers, Ascending Sounds (Tech Sound’s original studio band), Popa Ellis and Tech Sound founder Champion.

Tech Sound began in 1985 as the first professional MIDI studio in Atlanta, with a corresponding label distributing roots reggae music via cassette tape. These collections (with more promised) offer a taste of many of the acts that recorded and released music through Tech Sound over the years.


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