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90-acre film studio in Fayette County to double in size


Plans for Founders Studios, a big film and television sound stage complex in Fayette County, have more than doubled from 90 acres to 200 acres.

The project will cost more than $150 million to complete.

The acreage will house five purpose-built “hubs,” which each have 50,000 square feet of sound stage space, 45,000 square feet of office space, set construction and workshop space and other interior workspace. This layout will enable the show or movie to complete the bulk of its work under one roof.

Five “hubs” were already planned for the 90-acre site, which as of July 2017 was owned by a family trust and under contract. Founders Studios did not specify where the other 110 acres were located or whether they are under contract.

Georgia-based developer The Dockery Group will lead the project and serve as general contractor. Owner Nathan Dockery said the sudden expansion is helping the group reach “some of our long-term expansion dreams from the very beginning.”

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