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Bollywood to Y’allywood: Working Abroad Gives Spitfire Studios a Broader Vision


Spitfire Studios never set out to become an international film house.

Even from its outset 11 years ago, the company’s founders always had in view a future filled of feature-length movies.

But Bollywood? That was something they never saw coming.

“Essentially the viewers in India are tired of their own country, and because of globalization, they want to see the rest of the world, and they want to see their actors and actresses play in that world,” Tom Hamilton, founder and partner at Spitfire, said during a creative-industry panel discussion in May.

Spitfire got hooked up with Indian director Hansal Mehta, who’d found a script in Hindi based on a true story of a divorcee who goes on a bank-robbing spree to pay back gambling debts.

Georgia’s tax credits were better than California’s, Mr. Hamilton said, which drove Mr. Mehta’s film, “Simran”, to a state whose status as the No. 1 destination for feature films in the U.S. has spawned a new moniker: “Y’allywood.”

Integrating the two work cultures was easier said than done, he added. Coming from a lower-cost environment in India, the team experienced sticker shock when it came to paying workers and contractors.

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