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Can Georgia’s Film Industry Survive A Challenge from a Lower Incentive from Another State


Georgia is now one of the most popular places in the world to film movies and TV shows. Projects skyrocketed after the state began a 30 percent tax credit in 2008, but, if another state offered a better incentive, would Georgia’s film industry survive?

The short answer to that question is … probably. The reason is that Georgia has trained workers and film-friendly locations.

Shay Griffin knows all about those resources. She runs Chez Studios, a casting company with an office at the Goat Farm Arts Center in Atlanta. She’s also a film advisor for the state.

“Other regions of the country may put up as nice a tax credit, perhaps, as we have, but, on the other hand, they still have to get an infrastructure,” Griffin said.

Griffin points to Michigan’s 42 percent tax credit. It failed two years ago because it was too expensive to bring workers to the state, and, she said, Michigan winters didn’t help.

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