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Full Count is in Full Swing


By Christina Nicole, Staff Editor

The Georgia Film Industry is booming to say the least. Every week all over this great state, people are making films – from shorts to indies to blockbusters. This past week Full Count starring John Paul Kakos and Jason London wrapped.

The film is about perseverance. From the actors, to crew and the publicist, everyone involved with Full Count said the film is about not giving up when things get tough. “You have to do have faith and do the right thing.” Adam Boyer said. “I read and script and cried. This role has made me want to be like the character I’m playing.” He said that he needs to thank Tom Cruise for this opportunity. Tom Cruise decided to do his own stunts and got hurt, which threw off everyone’s schedules, including Ving Rhames, who was initially slated to play David.

The film is John Paul Kakos’s first swing at acting in a feature film and he hit it out of the park according to his co-stars. Kakos did some shorts and a little TV when he was younger. He said that Full Count was the best first film he could ask for, “It’s me. He’s a baseball player. He’s a pitcher and he gets hurt. I used to pitch, then I had some injury to my shoulders so I moved to second and first base.”  Kakos said that is thankful for the talented actors he’s gotten to work with on Full Count. “Everyone is so professional and helpful; it’s been like having private acting lessons.” The Georgia native also mentioned it was great to shoot in his hometown, and even at his alma mater Mountview High School.

Several cast members mentioned that shooting in Georgia is great because it’s home. Rick Hurst, Robert Pralgo, Adam Boyer and E. Roger Mitchell lamented about L.A. “[L.A.] is the land of the discontented eye roll; LA is saturated,” Hurst commented; but the incentives and tax credits are changing the industry. “Now the the quality of projects is better for the talent that’s already here.” Hurst talked about the tremendous crop of great actors who have always been here and how it’s exciting to see the industry grow. “I’ve worked more in the last year, than in the last 22 years I lived in L.A.”

The filming may be done, but the film is far from over. The cast has high hopes for the feel-good family drama.  Kakos said, “There’s not a dull scene; it’s touching and meaningful.” E. Roger Mitchell is excited to see the finished product; they’ve worked hard and he wants everyone to see it. Robert Pralgo joked,  “It’d be great to get an Oscar, even if it was the Grouch or a Myer Weiner.” They all believe that audiences will love the film.


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