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Georgia Council for the Arts Launches New Arts Education Campaign


The Georgia Department of Economic Development’s Georgia Council for the Arts (GCA) announced today a new arts education campaign that highlights the importance of arts learning in Georgia’s schools.

“Arts education is a powerful tool to transfer knowledge and cultivate in Georgia’s students the hard and soft skills that position them for success in all sectors of the global economy, and aspects of their adult life,” said Karen Paty, executive director of Georgia Council for the Arts. “This campaign draws attention to the significant benefits of arts learning, and provides interested citizens with adoption tips to improve local access to quality arts learning in K-12 public schools.”

Georgia Council for the Arts believes in the power of arts learning to develop the minds of students, build valuable skill sets and meaningful knowledge, and help prepare students for college and careers in the 21st century. That is why GCA has developed a series of 16 slides to highlight the benefits of arts learning and adoption tips to share strategies about how to improve access to arts learning opportunities in schools, districts, and communities throughout the state. To accompany the slides and adoption tips, GCA has also developed a toolkit to assist local arts education supporters in their efforts.

For access to the Arts Education campaign materials and more information on this initiative, visit


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