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Georgia State University’s Creative Media Industries Institute Officially Opens


Georgia State University opened the Creative Media Industries Institute (CMII) on Thursday, Oct. 19, unveiling an ultramodern facility dedicated to digital media, film and other innovative programs.

The Creative Media Industries Institute builds connections between creative students and the entertainment and information industries. Its focus is on advanced technology workforce training, building a national model for media entrepreneurship and collaborating with media and arts industry partners.

More than 50 students, largely from the Innovative Media Club, assisted in the exhibits and experiences at the opening event.

Other student groups represented were Panther Hackers, Panther Entertainment Group, Playtest as well as participants in the new ESports leagues.

Internal affiliates, including Grammarye, Tunewelders, Foundry 45, Drakeford Films, All3 Media and AFS Activate and the Ghost Project, demonstrated their latest content using augmented reality, virtual reality and other advanced technology.

External affiliates, including WorldViz, Trick3d, Bark Bark, Second Story, Dream Collection Agency and Works in Progress, demonstrated a range of projects in various stages of public/private collaboration orchestrated by Elizabeth Strickler, director of media entrepreneurship and innovation.

Dozens of student startups and projects showed their work, including SoundCollide, FlossPosse and GyreScope.

Strickler programmed SoftBank robot Pepper to greet visitors, tell a story and dance among other tricks.

Pepper told visitors, “I can’t wait to see what the students and faculty can imagine and program for me.”

In attendance were more than 150 industry professionals and creative people.


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