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Inside Creative Mammals Studio: Grand Opening and More with Masha Rastatourova and Robert Burroughs


By Mollee Harper, Senior Editor

It’s about to get hairy as we sit down with the founders of Creative Mammals headquartered in Atlanta’s Landmark District. Meet Masha Rastatourova and Robert Burroughs, who have been working behind the scenes in the entertainment industry for many years, before starting their creative agency in January 2015, along with Producer James Von Gravely who joined the team this year.

During our time together, Rastatourova, Burroughs and Von Gravely share their excitement about the official Creative Mammals studio launch that happened on September 8th, as well as their unique niche in motion graphics, animation and design within the entertainment arena.

Inside Creative Mammals

Burroughs began, “We started Creative Mammals at the beginning of 2015. Masha and I had always had the idea to start our own creative shop. After my time at Turner, we took the opportunity to green light our studio.”

“Rastatourova added, “After about a year of focusing on building a client list, we were ready to open a physical location. We wanted to have a studio where we can collaborate with other creatives.”

“Our location is in the City of Atlanta Landmark District rich in history, character as well as the backdrop for many films and hits, including The Walking Dead.”

Von Gravely added, “The name Creative Mammals sets this playful image we want to cultivate in our company. We love laughter and want to project that.”

Rastatourova explained, “We wanted a name which would be representative of how we function as a team, how we solve problems, and how we try our best to have fun. I think we are the only mammals that have the ability to laugh. That’s really important to us.”

Burroughs shared, “At our core we are designers and problem solvers. We love to tell stories through different mediums be it branding, broadcast, promos, print or interactive.”

“We have a solid creative team and a full time staff of six.  We’re very agile and able to expand as needed.”

He continued, “We dabble in original content but we love to help other people find their own creative edge where branding is concerned. We bring our own irreverent style to the table. We’re trying to get into working more with television and film sequences in Atlanta,”

Von Gravely piped in, “As Creative Mammals we really seek out work that excites us, work that celebrates our quirky voice. We have a lot of passion and creativity. We started our studio to go after more of that work.”

Rastatourova offered, “Our clients come to us because they trust that everything we touch will have a lot of thought and a unique angle. We embrace challenges. We also really focus on building lasting relationships and nurture our contacts.”

Von Gravely added, “I personally memorize our client names and we all work hard to understand what each one needs and wants specifically. We want to treat people as people. The industry gets so watered down at times, we want to rise above that and stand out.”

Burroughs offered, “We really have a good concentration of artists and creatives here which should encourage those outside of the state to come here to work. Projects are easy to get. Talent is harder to come by. If we can bring up new talent in the industry, we’ve served the industry well.”

Von Gravely continued, “We love to help out the younger generation coming up in the industry. We are really passionate about what we do and try to make sure there is a light hearted element and joy in all we do. We like laughter.

Burroughs added, “I’ve been in touch with Vox ATL, they’ve been around for a long time. They work with teens in Atlanta to teach them storytelling. I am hoping to get more involved with their project and teach motion graphics and animation.”

The Grand Opening

Burroughs shared, “Our official grand opening was on September 8th. We brought in a lot of people we have worked with in the past, including clients and other creatives to help celebrate this next chapter for us.”

“It was mainly to get people together. In this industry, we do a lot of back and forth via email, or by phone. We thought it would be great to get everyone together in the same place face to face.”

Burroughs shared what’s in store next for Creative Mammals. He said, “Were looking at significant growth for the last quarter of this year. We’ll have more to share on that news soon. We are also doing a big internal project focused on our social media platform and messaging. We are trying to develop a new angle in social media content for our own company. We don’t do much that is standard, we want it to have its own unique voice and connect with people in a unique way in the digital realm.”

Von Gravely concluded, “We want to make sure people in the entertainment industry know we are here. We’re ready to do more….And, we want bigger parties!”

Owner Bios

Masha Rastatourova co-founded Creative Mammals with Burroughs, and oversees the strategic design and direction for the business. She has over 10 years of experience working in the interactive and design industry in Atlanta. Rastatourova received her formal education from Georgia State University, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design.

Robert Burroughs co-founded Creative Mammals with Rastatourova, and serves as Director. He has a rich background in design, animation and motion graphics. Most recently, Burroughs worked as a Freelance Creative Director for Primal Screen. His background includes serving as a Senior Broadcast Designer for TBS, TNT and TCM for Turner Broadcasting. Burroughs also worked as a Senior Designer and Animator for Vazda, and as a Motion Designer for Artifact Design. Burroughs received his BA in Graphic Design from Georgia State University.

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