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Kingdomwood International Film Festival (KIFF) during its annual faith-based film festival


Do you want to know why the entertainment industry in Georgia is attracting record numbers of productions?  You can find the answer at the Kingdomwood International Film Festival (KIFF) during its annual faith-based film festival held Friday, October 6 thru Sunday, October 8, 2017 at the J.W. Marriott Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Filmmakers from across the country will come together to display products that capture the unique and often compelling voice and vision of faith-based film production. “Each year the festival takes on new and interesting dynamics,” said Audrey Thomas, CEO.  “We have an exciting roster of films to screen, and we have the support and participation of industry professionals who are eager to share information with our filmmakers.”

Kingdomwood is excited to welcome Georgia’s Film & TV Executives, Lee Thomas and Craig Dominey who will address the topic of Georgia’s booming production.  Lee Thomas is the Deputy Commissioner of the Georgia Film, Music & Digital Entertainment Office, a division of the Georgia Department of Economic Development.  Thomas also sits on Governor Nathan Deal’s Executive Leadership Committee.  Craig Dominey is Manager of Camera Ready, which connects film and television productions with skilled liaisons across the state to provide local expertise and support.  Kingdomwood is honored to have the support and participation of these industry leaders at the first Daytime Gala on Friday, October 6th (11 AM).  This year’s festival will also see the launch of Kingdomwood’s Christian Women In Films on Sunday, October 8, 2017.  

Kingdomwood strives to equip the filmmakers with the tools and resources useful and necessary to navigate the film industry in general and faith-based film production in particular.  Workshops, panel discussions, audience screenings, and conversations with industry leaders including, Gia Compton, Esq., Founder and Principal of GBC Solutions Group, LLC, creative strategists who work with artists and production companies. Compton will conduct a Legal Forum Workshop.  Joining Compton at her presentation is  Matthew Head, an Emmy Award winning composer and arranger who currently scores the music for the hit television series Greenleaf, which airs on OWN.  Sue Ann Taylor an award-winning producer and President of Georgia Production Support, LLC, will host a Master Class on Producers, (Georgia Product Support is a company that works to achieve funding for films that will be produced for her studio, Blue Heron Films).  Taylor will be the keynote speaker at KIFF’s daytime Gala event, Friday, October 6 at 11:30 AM.   Filmmaker Fran Burst from GPP and a powerful presence in Georgia’s film production community,  ill host a Women’s Director’s Panel Workshop on Saturday. Gil Robertson of the African American Film Critics Association will meet with the filmmakers, and offer tips and insight on film criticism. 

A Red Carpet Premiere of “Because of Garcia,” featuring John Schneider from Tyler Perry’s Have and Have Not will kick off the opening night.  The festival culminates with an Awards ceremony that honors excellence in faith-based filmmaking.  Kingdomwood will also screen “Released,” a documentary directed by Forrest Tuff and features Georgia’s Governor Nathan Deal.  “Release” is one of our accepted film submissions. “Released” is a powerful 45-minute documentary that was conceptualized in 2013 to address the experiences of individuals formerly involved in the criminal justice system. Often, these individuals have participated in job development programs intended to prepare and connect them with employment opportunities. However, opportunities for meaningful and sustainable employment are frequently scarce.  The documentary will screen at Kingdomwood on Friday October 6th at 4 PM in JW Marriott’s Lexington Hotel room. All are welcome to attend this event by registering today! 


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