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Texas is Cray Cray: State Rep. Wants To End Incentives For Film Industry In Wake Of Weinstein Revelations


A Texas legislator wants to get rid of any state incentives for the film industry as a result of the sexual assault and harassment allegations surrounding film executive Harvey Weinstein.

Republican Matt Shaheen, who represents Texas House of Representatives District 66, called for the abolishment of the Texas Film Commission.

“These are the people who will often lecture the rest of the United States on how to live,” said Shaheen.

He tried defunding the commission last legislative session, but failed. He expects his legislation he is currently crafting to succeed next session in 2019.

“If you look at our landscape, our cities, Texas has so much to offer,” said Shaheen from his office in Plano. “I really don’t believe we need the film commission. I think Texas will be just fine in this industry without it.”

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