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Thomasville may not become Hollywood South overnight, But the curtain is rising


While Thomasville may not become Hollywood South overnight, the curtain could be rising on the area’s chances on becoming a film mecca.

As part of the ongoing Covey Film Festival, a workshop earlier this week explored what it would take for Thomasville and Thomas County to be home to more filmmaking or post-production endeavors. The workshop was a joint production of the Covey Film Festival and the Thomasville Payroll Development Authority (PDA).

PDA Executive Director Shelly Zorn said the newly-created Georgia Film Academy (GFA) could be a big help. The GFA provides hands-on experience for those seeking jobs in the state’s expanding television and film industry.

“The Georgia Film Academy, we think, is the biggest opportunity out there,” Zorn said.

Currently, 12 state colleges or universities and technical colleges are members of the GFA. But only one, Savannah Technical College, is south of Macon. Getting the GFA to look at a southwest Georgia location might take a lobbying effort, Zorn said.


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