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Behind the Scenes of ECG’s 2018 Demo Reel


Why A Demo Reel Is Real Important

A demo reel is an important tool for any video production company. As creators, we want it to be engaging, to demonstrate our competitive advantages, and to stand apart from the rest of the competition.

Therefore, coming up with a new concept each year to keep it fresh and current with our goals and with the market trends is an important and somewhat challenging task. We have several brainstorming sessions, but our director Jason Sirotin came up with the winning concept this year.

Jason Sirotin directs ECG Productions cast and crew.

Jason Sirotin directs ECG Productions crew as well as world champion free runner and stunt person Marvin Ross.

He wanted there to be action that would drive the video through each category of service that ECG Productions offers.

Developing The Demo Reel Concept

Brandon Peterson, behind the scenes, runs back up the main stairs to prepare for the 2018 demo reel.

The original concept was that an athletic woman would be on the run, heading towards an unknown goal. At the end, it would be revealed that she was rushing in order to arrive on set.

As a team, we tweaked the concept just a bit by employing world champion free runner and stunt person, Marvin Ross. The concept is essentially the same, but Marvin was able to take it up a notch by doing incredible stunts and flips along the way.

World Champion Marvin Ross waits behind the scenes to film the ECG Productions 2018 Demo Reel.

FUN FACTMarvin Ross is a real-life Spider-Man! He performed all of the stunts in the Spider-Man suit for the movie Captain America: Civil War.

Marvin was great to work with, super friendly and athletic, and he even helped us load out gear after the shoot was over! Another fun fact about Marvin is that he performed all of the stunts in the Spider-Man suit for the movie Captain America: Civil War. Yes, you heard that right, he is a real-life Spider-Man!

Collaborating With Others

ECG Productions team behind the scenes, making it look easy.

Two ECG Productions crew members, prepared as always, stand by behind the scenes … They make it look easy.

We offer a lot of services in-house and we have a very talented and experienced team of full-time employees. However, for certain productions, it’s important to work with other specialists to take your production to the next level.

That’s why fostering our relationships with talented freelancers and other production companies is so important to us. At the end of the day, we all share the same passion for visual storytelling. Plus, everyone brings different talents, experiences, and gear to the table. Therefore, working well with others is key to success.

Four men plan and prepare for the free running scene before the shoot.

ECG Productions collaborates with countless world-class experts. For this shoot, world champion and stunt person Marvin Ross and FAA licensed Ascend Aerials.

For this production, we collaborated with Ascend Aerials due to their expertise and ability to fly heavy camera rigs using large drones, which requires an FAA pilot license.

Two men from FAA-licensed Ascend Aerials work behind the scenes to prepare an octocopter to film a 2018 demo reel.

Two men from FAA-licensed Ascend Aerials work behind the scenes to prepare an octocopter to film the ECG Productions 2018 demo reel.

We also partnered with LensHead Media and Reelmind Studios, who provided us with cinema quality cameras and lenses capable of flying on the drone without exceeding the maximum weight limit.

The Result

The production went off without a hitch, and most importantly it was a fun and rewarding experience for everyone involved.

We’re grateful for the opportunity to do what we love and create a project that showcases everyone’s unique skills and talents.

The 2018 ECG Productions Demo Reel showcases everything we have to offer; from stunning visuals, stellar VFX, engaging storytelling, and the ability to collaborate with others to make something awesome.


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