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GPP/ATLFS present The PA Academy – Fall 2017


Georgia Production Partnership, the Atlanta Film Society and Production Consultants & Equipment (PC&E) are proud to present The PA Academy.

  • Production Consultant & Equipment/PC&E2235 Defoor Hills Road NorthwestAtlanta, GA, 30318United States (map)


What: (2) 12-Hour Workshop Days (see below)
When: November 4-5 | 8AM to 8PM
Location: PC&E (Overflow parking along DeFoor Hills Rd)
Cost: $150 Non-Members | $120 GPP & ATLFS Members
Registration Deadline: November 3, at Midnight


This two day, bootcamp-style Production Assistant workshop is perfect for those just starting their career in the industry as well as those looking to advance their knowledge of what it takes to succeed as an office or on-set production assistant working on commercials, industrials, music videos, independent films, television series and studio features.

Training includes but is not limited to:

  • Production terminology and paperwork
  • Film crew titles and job descriptions
  • Department duties and responsibilities
  • Office and set etiquette – Dos and Don’ts
  • How a typical day proceeds – from commercials and music videos to features and television
  • Locking up the set, distribution, and petty cash
  • Walkie protocol, terminology and sign out
  • Setting up video village, extras holding, and supporting your AD team

We discuss gear and kits, provide hands-on equipment training, share resume tips, and where to find experience as well as paid work. Learn how successful office and set PAs as well as DGA assistant directors got into the business, what they look for when they hire PAs, their tips for success, and how to avoid their pet peeves. This bootcamp simulates a typical day on set to prepare new PAs for their first job, and more experienced PAs the knowledge and training they need to up their skills and compete in the fast paced and growing Georgia film industry. But this workshop isn’t just for PAs. It’s for anyone looking to work in the business from camera to G&E and wardrobe to craft service. All the same protocol, terminology, and hiring practices exist no matter where you start your career.

All students who finish the two day workshop are listed on the GPP member only website database, and offered internship and paid work opportunities for at least two years through a secret PB page that only these students and Producer Linda Burns can access for networking and mentorship. This workshop serves as a fundraiser for Atlanta Film Society and Georgia Production Partnership, supporting education and outreach, and film tax incentive lobbying efforts.

You must be 18+ to enroll.


Producer Linda Burns runs with the help of Georgia’s best DGA ADs, office and set PAs, and crew working full-time in the industry. Each workshop offers a fresh and unique perspective to the students, with an ever-changing group of instructors and guest speakers. For questions regarding this workshop, go to or contact Linda with PA ACADEMY in the subject line.


  • By October 21st at 5pm: 100% Refund
  • By October 28th at 5pm: 50% Refund
  • By November 1st at 5pm: 25% Refund
  • No refunds after November 1st

Space is limited and the PA Academy will fill up!


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