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Savannah’s Latest Production ‘Daisy Winters’ in Theatres Dec 1: A Sneak Preview from Film Producer Deborah Moore


Georgia Entertainment News gets a sneak preview of ‘Daisy Winters’ through our one-on-one with the film’s producer, Deborah Moore. ‘Daisy Winters’ is a family drama shot on location in Savannah, Georgia in 2016. Post production work was completed earlier this year in Georgia in preparation for the film’s release. ‘Daisy Winters’ is being released in theatres across the U.S. and Canada by Hannover House on December 1.

During our time together, Moore shares details about the film and its message of hope, as well as her memorable experiences working with locals while shooting on location in Savannah.

‘Daisy Winters’ is an independent film and was produced by Jane Badler, Beth LaMure, Deborah Moore and Sean E. DeMott. This film is a powerful family drama written, directed, and produced by Beth LaMure with a message of empowerment for young women.

‘Daisy Winters’ tells the story of an eleven-year-old girl’s unconventional, yet deeply loving relationship with her mother and what happens when this essential mother/daughter bond is harshly broken. Along her journey, including her quest to discover her father, the courageous, resourceful and precocious Daisy learns about how to embrace every moment with determination and an unrelenting belief in herself. Life moves in mysterious ways.

Moore shared, “We produced ‘Daisy Winters’ in Savannah last year. I ended up finishing much of post production here in Georgia and just never went home!  I have been here about a year and plan to stay.”

“I grew up at the beach in Southern California. My husband is a stunt coordinator. Neither of us had done a film west of the Rockies in years. One day we just said, why don’t we go where they are actually making lots of movies so we can live and work in the same state! We’ve officially relocated now.”

Moore continued, “I was asked by Beth and Jane to help produce the movie. It was Beth LaMure’s passion project that she had written 12 years earlier. She had it funded several times, and was looking for a location when the funding fell out. Through a series of events, she met Jane Badler. Jane fell in love with the script. She met with Beth and funded the movie through her production company, Me Jane Productions. Beth had already cast the film in LA and was looking for a great place to shoot. She came to Savannah and really loved the city. She found the perfect house in a beautiful neighborhood in Savannah. And, we found our production office right next door. We were there for 8 weeks on location during production.”

 “I have been involved with 85 movies in my life. Rarely have I worked somewhere where the people are so lovely.”

 Moore continued, “Like Jane, I came on board and fell in love with the project, in love with Beth, and in love with Savannah.”

“Beth had cast the film early on in LA. It was not because we couldn’t find talent here; it was already cast before we settled on the location. I couldn’t have asked for more professional top of the line crew that we found here. Dorothy Steel, who is absolutely wonderful in the film, was one of the only local cast members. Dorothy is 80+-years-old, and had a small part which she did amazingly well.”

 Moore emphasized, “I think this is so important and I want to get it out there. Beth LaMure wrote this story that is  about empowering young women. She had such a strong effect on so many women, inspiring them to take control of their lives. That’s really what the movie is all about. The little girl, Daisy says ‘I’m not happy with the circumstances in my life and I’m going to go out and do something about it.’ That’s really what Beth wanted the film to do, to empower young women to live their own lives.” 

“The fact that we got a theatrical release for a small independent film is amazing. Hannover House has been phenomenal to work with throughout this process.”

‘Daisy Winters’ welcomes Brooke Shields back to the big screen in a starring role. The film also features a breakout role for the young Sterling Jerins who starred in the ‘Conjuring 1 & 2’. Iwan Rheon from ‘Game of Thrones’ and Carrie Preston of ‘True Blood’ are also part of this star cast.

Many of the film’s crew came from Georgia’s local talent pool, and include: Blake Olmstead for Costume Design, Jake Crawford for Stunt Coordination, and Mitch McDannald as Gaffer. Karen Cantley served as Script Supervisor and Matt Mahany as Art Director. Jim Troutman handled locations, Aaron “Cujo” Cooley handled the film’s production sound mix, and Greg Crawford handled the ADR work and final sound mix. Jody Schiesser was very helpful to Beth from the minute she landed in Savannah and handled a number of positions on the film.

The production company worked with the Sea Island Branch of Synovus Bank in Savannah throughout the production.

Moore shared, “We did a lot of concierge housing during the production and rented B&Bs and short term housing rentals. Mary Anderson and Anderson Concierge Services really helped us out while we were there.”

At the time, there weren’t as many equipment vendors as there are now. Anytime we could do something locally we would.” 

“It was just extraordinary, working in Savannah. When we made a phone call, the locals would bend over backwards to make things happen. That’s from the police department to the school district and everyone in the community. This was a relatively low budget film and the community was so very lovely. They really helped us.”

She continued, “We had our catering done by Savannah locals, Brandon Mell and Bryan Gray of B Local Catering.  They provided amazing breakfasts and lunches for us every day. This was the Craft Service teams’ first movie – Constance Parramore and Lori Westphall were just fantastic. Whatever we needed, we had so much help locally.”

“We had kids on the movie that worked every day. We wanted them to do interesting things on their days off. Oatland Island Wildlife Center invited the kids out and they had an amazing day there.”  

“We used Noble Fair Restaurant as one of our locations. The owner Jenny McNamara was so hospitable and she made us an amazing meal too.”

Moore added, “In LA, you have to pay for everything. In Savannah, everyone asks what can we do for you.”

“Early one morning, some equipment was stolen. A local equipment vendor was able to get us replacement equipment within an hour. The Savannah Police Department managed to get everything back to us within 24 hours. A neighborhood vendor heard about the theft  and offered us a locked storage to use for the rest of the shoot at no cost. Those sorts of helpful things happened all of the time – not the theft – that was an anomaly!”

 Moore concluded, “I just can’t say enough about the people in Savannah.”

Early reviews praise this film as a wonderful diversion from action scenes and traditional superheroes with refreshing characters and life experiences that move us from a deeper place. ‘Daisy Winters’ promises 91 minutes of thought-provoking family entertainment exploring life lessons for us all.

For locals in Savannah who want to catch this local treasure on opening day, you can see ‘Daisy Winters’ at Regal Savannah Cinemas 10 at 1132-34 Shawnee Street starting on December 1.

For more information on the ‘Daisy Winters’ release, visit their website at:


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