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Xbox Exec Talks About The Culture Of Secrecy In Gaming


While movie studios might let fans know about films coming years down the line–for example, we know the fifth Avatar movie is coming in 2025–video game companies are very rarely that transparent when it comes to their release schedules. One part of this culture of secrecy might be for competitive reasons.

Announcing a project years in advance could give other studios time to react and respond. But another major element to this is that games and movies are not at all the same in how they are produced. Shannon Loftis, who heads up first-party production at Xbox, spoke with GameSpot recently about the culture of secrecy in gaming, when the right time is to announce a game, and the pain of cancellations.

“Games are a highly experimental medium,” Loftis said. “And it’s a line that we have to walk between talking to gamers about the games we would like to make and knowing that we are going to be able to deliver them. The worst part of my job is when I have to break promises. Obviously we had Crackdown 3 planned for a November 7 launch and we had to announce a few months ago that we had to move it.”

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