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5 Keys to High-Quality Filmmaking (Regardless of What Camera You Use)

Cameras don’t create pro-level, high-quality films and videos, but here’s what does.

What’s one of the first things beginners do when they decide to become filmmakers? They buy a camera. They go bananas trying to find “the best” one out there. They read up on the newest releases, peruse at list after list of “Top 10 DSLRs for Indie Filmmakers,” and watch hours of test footage on YouTube to see which ones offer that highly sought-after “film look.”

However, what many budding filmmakers don’t understand is that cameras, despite their ever-increasing dexterity and capability, aren’t the main factor in creating quality cinematic images. So, what is the main factor(s)? In this video, John Luna talks about five aspects of filmmaking that will help you increase the production value of your film, as well as get you closer to the “film look.”

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