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Kemp says he would sign anti-gay legislation


Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp told the Roswell Rotary Club Nov. 30 that if he is elected governor, he would sign a “religious freedom and restoration bill” similar to the ones Gov. Nathan Deal has twice vetoed if came before him.

Proponents of the bill say it grants people of conscience who disapprove of gay marriage, contraception and other issues they believe violate their religious beliefs the right to tailor their business practices accordingly.

Kemp said he would support a bill that guaranteed Georgians religious freedom under the U.S. Constitution.

“I don’t know what other provisions that may have been in [the bills Deal vetoed]. But I would support a bill that is in line with federal law,” Kemp said. “It would be simply codifying what is already in the Constitution.”

Kemp is not the only GOP candidate likely to endorse a religious freedom and restoration act. In August the Georgia GOP officially endorsed such a bill but decided not to require its candidates to do so.

But the devil of such a bill is in the details and could have far-reaching economic consequences.

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