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Recovering From a Lull, Film and TV Production in New Mexico Is Back in Business


Actress Lora Martinez-Cunningham had been pounding the pavement in Los Angeles for 13 years. She landed a handful of TV series guest spots, but true success was elusive. Then the Chino Hills earthquake hit in July 2008, rattling Martinez-Cunningham’s tiny apartment and her nerves. She decided she’d had enough; it was time go back home to New Mexico.

But that didn’t mean Martinez-Cunningham was giving up on show business. Far from it. Thanks to a generous tax incentive program established in 2002 under then-Gov. Gary Johnson, New Mexico was attracting a wealth of production, from the hit TV series “Breaking Bad” to high-profile features such as the Coen brothers’ “No Country for Old Men” and James Mangold’s “3:10 to Yuma.”

The move transformed Martinez-Cunningham’s life and career. Today, she has a long resume of acting credits in New Mexico-based productions, including recurring roles on NBC’s “Midnight, Texas” and Epix’s “Graves,” and a part as doctor in the recent feature “Only the Brave” (pictured above). She also directs and produces local commercials and PSAs through her own production company based at Albuquerque Studios.

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