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An Atlanta-based, Female-Led Gaming Company Is Flipping The Script On Princess Stories

The prince in the mobile game PrinceNapped does not look like your typical prince. There are some familiar characteristics — perfectly coiffed hair, bulging muscles, and shiny white teeth — but some things are just off. His crown is on backwards, he has a boastful “prince” tattoo on his shoulder, and he drags his feet. This is no regal, come-to-the-rescue hero — and that’s the point.
“We literally Googled the word ‘douchebag’ and started pulling pictures,” Molly Proffitt, the game’s designer told Refinery29 of the character’s appearance.
In PrinceNapped, the first mobile game from Atlanta-based developer Ker-Chunk Games, it’s Prince Edwin who needs to be rescued and the heroine Clara who must do the saving, vaporizing water and clearing the path for Edwin to escape.

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