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Columbia County film industry takes shape


Columbia County officials say they are learning the ropes of the booming filming industry happening in Georgia, and are working to get a piece of the $9 billion industry.

Tourism and development officials say plans are in place to make Columbia County ready for more film production opportunities.

“We’ve been fortunate that the last three productions, this (untitled) one, Detroit Crossing and Saving Zoey, all filmed parts of their movies or television shows here in Columbia County,” said Robbie Bennett, development authority director. “They used the entire region as a backdrop, but we got a piece of that. And that’s what we are trying to do. We are trying to get a piece of this industry, because it’s such a large industry across the state.”

Bennett is referring to a TV pilot that was filmed on a set constructed in the old Greenfield building off of River Watch Parkway. Other parts of the show were filmed in a neighborhood in the Farmington subdivision. Details behind the pilot are not being released at this time. But the building, Bennett said, is one example of how Columbia County is being shaped to welcome the budding film industry.

In partnership with the Development Authority, Bennett said, the county’s Convention and Visitor’s Bureau and the Board of Commissioners have banded together to create Film Columbia County.

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