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NCAA’s Peach Belt announces the first conference partnership with College League of Legends


The National Collegiate Athletic Association is the major governing body for collegiate sports. It regulates and supports athletic departments and tournaments.

The NCAA also manages media rights for college sports. In 2013, they reported media rights as $705 million (81%) of their $871.6 revenue. Still, the NCAA qualifies as a nonprofit, stating that “All but 4 percent of NCAA revenue is either returned directly to member conferences and institutions or used to support championships and programs that benefit student-athletes.”

Division II: The NCAA schools are split up into three divisions, with the most competitive and high budget schools participating in Division I, and the smaller athletic departments in Division III.

The Peach Belt: This is an athletic conference (competitive league) within Div II. It’s headquartered in Georgia (hence the peach name), and has 12 member schools across Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, and North Carolina.

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