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Proud Mary – Review (2.5 stars)


By Christina Nicole

Not much to boast about: Proud Mary

Proud Mary has everything one would expect from an action movie: a hidden yet automated gun safe full of automatic and semi-automatic weapons, gratuitous violence, dueling drug cartel families, a bunch of dead bodies, a really expensive car, more near misses than seem plausible, profanity, couple of chase scenes, and barley any story. Taraji P. Henson is an amazing actress, and in Proud Mary, she attempts to bring her gravitas to the drug-torn world of action movies.

Taraji slays in her all black wardrobe, and perfectly balances stoicism, rage, and compassion. She keeps her guards up, while letting her defenses down enough just to open her heart. As Mary, Taraji reminds me of a quote from the 1984 Coen Brothers’ film, Blood Simple, “Never point a gun at anyone, unless you mean to shoot him. And if you shoot him, you better make sure he’s dead.” Mary does just that; her body count is high, and she takes no prisoners.

Shootings and close-ups of shots to the head make up about 70% of the film, which isn’t very long. Mary doesn’t have a catchphrase and there aren’t many, if any, moments of comic relief; and there’s no true underlying love story.  There isn’t much mystery or suspense. The film falls flat, but Taraji looks great and her loft apartment in the film is absolutely stunning.

Proud Mary also stars Danny Glover, Billy Brown and Neal McDonough.  The film is predictable and average at best; it leaves something to be desired.

The film earns a 2.5 of 5 stars; it’s not bad, but not that good.


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