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Time for a Commercial Break -January 16 for EDBI


DATE: 1/16/2018
TIME: 7:30pm-9:30pm
LOCATION: Manuel’s Tavern

As everyone knows, a career in the entertainment industry can be either “feast or famine”. One second you’re on an Avenger’s Movie, or Walking Dead shoot, the next you’re waiting by the phone for another job. Finding your next big gig on a film or TV show can be difficult, but few consider the opportunities in the commercial industry. For filmmakers, the advertising sector can be an amazing option, with shorter turnaround times, and just as big (or bigger) payoffs!

Producer/GPP Co-President, Lisa Ferrell, Business Owner/ATLFS Executive Director, Chris Escobar, and Writer/Director, Joe Acosta discuss the hidden life of commercial filmmakers; how to find a project, how to get on a project, and what to expect. Take a break and come join us for this insightful EDBI.

Manuel’s Tavern generously provides our meeting space for free, so please grab a bite to eat, something to drink, and tip the fantastic server working the event!


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