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Atlanta Film Festival Announces Quarterfinalists for 2018 Screenplay Competition


The Atlanta Film Festival is proud to announce the quarterfinalists in the 2018 Screenplay Competition. Chosen from over 1,000 submissions, these screenplays represent those moving forward from our feature film, television pilot, and short film categories and contain works from seven different countries and ten different states.

Our writers are competing for once in a lifetime mentorship opportunities to help hone their screenplays and plan the next steps in their careers. In addition, this year marks our first ever partnership with ScreenCraft, a premiere screenwriting competition, consultation, and editorial organization. We’re working together to present the ScreenCraft Writer’s Summit for the first time at the 2018 Atlanta Film Festival.

This three day event will feature panels, workshops, private mentoring and parties with top Oscar and Emmy-winning and blockbuster screenwriters, as well as agents, managers, producers and studio executives. It will be an exclusive and unparalleled opportunity to learn from the best in Hollywood, in a personal environment where unguarded conversations and long-term partnerships can be forged. All screenwriting competition Quarterfinalists are invited to a private reception at summit in celebration of their achievements.  A select few VIP Panelists will also be in attendance at this exclusive event.

Congratulations to the writers so far! Stay tuned as our programming team narrows this list down to semifinalists, finalists, and this year’s winners.

Feature Screenplay Quarterfinalists

13 Minutes—Yvonne Paulin
A Better Place—Katterina Powers
A Small Fortune—Adam Perry
A Witch In Salem—Patrick Lewis
Acts of God—Reed Moran
After the Jump—Marquette Jones
All That Follows—Emily Lobsenz
All The Fish In The Sea—Will Goodfellow
Amal—Waleed Alqahtani
American Mule—Ian Ortiz
Armor—Michael Daluz
Beasts and Children—Bryan Ott
Blacks Hands in Red Lands—Larry Baer
Black Jack—Stephen Curran
Blue on Blue—David Dasilma
Boo—Mariana Worrel
Bronze—Kerri Weston, Robert  Pawloski
Cabbagetown—Paul Todd
Californio—Pedro Fernandez
Can You See Me—Profound Clarke
Catbird Blues—Rebecca Drummond
Cryo—Joshua Wilcox
Daisy Park—Lori Waters
Darryn the Bold and the Sword of Boldness—J Best
Escher—Jason Kessler
Fox Run—Jacob Trask
Freedom Fort—Clint Williams
Honey Boy—Shia Labeouf, Otis Lort
Hurry Up And Wait—Allison Radomski
In The Path Of Falling Objects—Arnon Manor
Joni—Aviva Neuman
Kaylee, Age 8—Molly Coffee
Las Minas de Altar—Jon Ayon
Lion Killer—Adam Scheiner
Marco Polo—Jeff Heckler
Mr. Moon—Michael Langer
Oliver Clark & The Future Unknown—Toni Shepherd
Orwell’s War—Larry Bogad
Perdido—Eduardo Maytorena
Plan B—Paige Gresty
Possum Kingdom—Matt Pope
Potter’s Ground—Pearse Lehane
Quintana—William LiPera
Red Light—Dempsey Tillman
Rhinelander—Laura Wexler
Running—Gemma Addy
Sardis the Merciful—Christian Thomas
Save Me!—Jean Barker
Schooling Alex—Tanya Haney
Scout—Samuel Goodwin
Silhouette—Lukas Hassel
Spirit Halloween—Billie Bates
Spirit Lead—Maggie Calton
Splintered Soul—Bobby Sacher
Split Rock—Kyle Hammersmith
Springtime for Mashinsky—Joshua Jashinski
Stampede—Ryan Sieveking
Sweet Petunia—Kal Bonner
Thank You For Waiting—Jake Leister
The Arrow Collar Man—Ellen Ireland
The Assassin’s Shadow—William Pigg
The Bait—Billie Bates
The Baltimore School of Charm—Kelli McNeil
The Boca Bandit—Julie Garces
The Bullshit Boys—Toni Shepherd
The Cannibal Trial—Edward Anderson
The Colonist—Brandon Maynard
The Disease—Khalil Sullins
The Divide—Rashmi Singh
The Dying Machine—joseph cahill
The Empty Sea—David Poulshock
The Escape of Robert Smalls—Spencer Magloff
The Fight After—gunnar garrett
The Huntress—Suzanne Andrews Correa
The Last Resort—Martha Pinson
The Maidservant’s Cap—Jeff Opdyke
The Mental State—James Camali
The Moonbeam Fisherman—John Dummer
The Opposite of Infinity—Karen Johnson
The Sleeping House—Suzanne Griffin
The Sorrow Veil—Russ Lindway
The Titmouse—Michael Nash
Trip—David Baugnon
Truth Against the World—Denise Meyers
Universal Monster—Constantine Nasr
War/Love—Hannah Feller
While The Village Sleeps—Chloe Bellande
Why The Willow Weeps—Lafayette Parish
Willowport—Jess Ansik
Wonder Drug—Caitlin McCarthy

Pilot Screenplay Quarterfinalists

Alexander The Pretty Good—Stephen McNamee
Available—Candace Brown
Charles Towne—Alston Jones
Counteract—Tracy Lawson
Dead Man Walking—Sean Klooster
Default—Hannah Dillon
DinoWars—Beau Gilbert
Eitan Has Cancer—Eitan Levine
End of Life —Sean Collins-Smith
Fisheye—Patty Meyer
Kerosene—Nicole Ramberg
Nightingale—Amanda Bermudez
So Who’s Got the Gun?—Sheila Jenca
Spies Girls —Nir Shelter
Test.ed—Melissa Long
The Delphines—Stephanie Coggins
The Outskirts—Justine Beed
The Red Dog Order—Jamaal Cobb
The Sensualist—Suzanne Griffin
twentysomething—Amanda Pellegrino
White Trash Heroes —Peter Stallo
Area 51—Joshua Smooha
Because You Can—Darla Phillips
Bitches In Season—Sasha Feiler
Chris & Andy—Patrick Donohue
Dana Gets Superpowers—Anthony Maccio
Maniac—Greg Mania
We Need Friends—Kelley Young
Whiskey Ginger—Alan Kelly
Eire’s Song—Kristen Nedopak
Ali of Saskatoon—Elaine Stirling
Asylum 2035—Mark Netter
Awkwardly Apocalyptic—Sarah Hopkins
Between the Eyes—Gregory Levy
Black Entertainment—Tony Ducret
Bonti Bay—Linn Markussen
Brooklin (Ontario)—Marvin Kaye
Burning Alive—Garrett Oakley
Chasing Colour—Cathy Strickland, Tim Pye
Chattahoochee—Clint Williams
Colonials—Ian Fletcher
Dark Horizons—CARLO CARERE
Detestable—Brandon Morrissey
Echo Lakota Nine—Scott Fleishman
Force of Will—Jessica Sieff
Grand Union—A. K. Foreman
Greyson—David Pinckney
H8—Faisal Azam
Insurrection—Simon Bowler
Intelligence—Manuel Ricardo Moreno
Kindred Spirits—Ross Brooks
Lifers Anonymous —Sean Collins-Smith
Masks—Tommaso Pazzi
Mississippi Bound Christopher Dennis
Oh, Mighty River—Dan Ritter
Pieta—Jen Kuhn
Pinetree—Maggie Calton
Radicalized—Bandar Albuliwi
Red Dirt—David Sullivan
Run! Run! Run!—The Lives of Abbie Hoffman—Michael J Shapiro
Shanda—Jillian Lauren
Soul Mecha: Betrayals of Exile—Clint Murphy
Ten Thousand Islands—Peter Short, Sue Batterton
Tested—Lisanne Sartor
The 12 Chairs—Gregg Greenberg
The Chords of War—Samuel Gonzalez Jr.
The Expedition—Rachel Fischer
The Houses—Tony Fair
The Life and Times of Francie Paige—Victoria Lucia
The Oracle of Athens, GA—Allison Izzo
The Order—Jonathan Mason
The Queen Of Caspary—Laura Solow
The Rapture—Shalini Adnani
The Retreat—John Kirk, Larry Barber, Anthony Bassanelli, M.D.
The Roar—Lynsey Murdoch
The Sentient—Jeff Opdyke
The Who Q (pilot)—Mike Malloy
Tweed—Christopher McClure
Witch Hunt—Trevor Christie
Wormhole to Hermosa—Noah Rieke

Short Screenplay Quarterfinalists

#olivia—Hannah Feller
AMAL—Dilek Ince
Beyond the Fuchsias—Tara Jackson
Buttball—Maryll Botula
Captain American—Patrick Lipscomb
Cherry Glazed—Christine Sherwood
Crocodile—Sola Bamis
Empathic—John Burdeaux
Honk For Jesus. Save Your Soul.—Adamma Ebo
Leave—Alysha Haran
Limerence—Charlene Fisk
Little Men—Ayesha Adu
Page Turner—Marc Roussel
Rollers—Jean Estevez
She Who Rises from the Ashes—Kaz Cai
Sinker—Alia Lundy
Sweet Sixteen—Joyce Sherrí
The Chocolate Kandinsky—Suzanne Griffin
The Cypher Sessions Marc Roussel
The Juncture of Custody—Grant Jackson
The Menarche—I-Hui Lee
The Putt Putt Preacher—Jason K. Allen
The Shipyard—Will Berry
Weird and Wonderful—Stephanie Namkoong
White Ferrari—Sarah Smith


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