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HBO series provides opportunity for middle Georgia artist


Andrew Henry has always had a passion for the arts.  An accomplished artist, his work is featured around Barnesville, the middle Georgia town he now calls home, and beyond. His work includes a train mural in downtown Forsyth, chalk drawings in Macon, and a painting on the side of a brewery in Greensboro.

His impressive artistic resume now incudes murals for the fictional town of Wind Gap, Missouri, the town in the upcoming HBO series “Sharp Objects,” starring Amy Adams.  The production was filmed in Barnesville, which doubled as the town of Wind Gap.

Andrew worked on set creating murals for the show, enlisting the help of additional artists for other details, such as lettering.

“Working on this project gave me the opportunity to work with other artists, and I really liked that — I’m just not cut out to be in an office,” says Andrew. “This is a perfect fit for me.”

As a young adult, Andrew worked his way through art school as a fast food employee, and then decided to take the leap to turn his passion into a profession.

Barnesville has always been an important part of Andrew’s life. While he was born and raised in Griffin, his grandfather was the Barnesville town doctor for many years.  Some of Andrew’s other projects around Barnesville include murals at Gordon State College, sculptures for local business, and recently partnered with a local brewery to send craft beer and his murals into space.

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