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SCAD aTVfest: Panel explores the ‘Evolution of Content Development’


The first day of SCAD’s seventh annual aTVfest in Atlanta included a schedule packed with workshops, panels and press junkets. One of the panel discussions, “The Evolution of Content Development,” explored how new network divisions are forming in a climate where “content is king” and distinctiveness is more important than ever.

Ilyssa Goodman, an independent producer and director with credits such as “A Cinderella Story” and “The Standoff,” commented that through short-form content such as web-based commercials, people are trying to reach viewers and change those viewers into purchasers. Attention spans have shortened with easy access to multiple mediums of content, mostly because the technology that allows such access is evolving rapidly, Goodman said.

“That has changed what people are airing,” Goodman said. “There’s the short-form content that’s used in marketing and advertising but there’s also more short-form content for Netflix; I used to develop a series, and you would walk in and you would have a bulk of thirty episodes with arcs and then season two and season three. Now you go to Netflix and they say, ‘Well, can we just have eight episodes,’ and that’s all they want. So all of a sudden everything that we’re doing is breaking down into these little bite size movies.”

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