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Video Gamer Nets $120K in Atlanta Tournament


The 2018 Smite World Champion gamer is a 17 year-old high school senior from Cranston.

Brandon Casale is a student at Cranston High School West and is a third year student in the Cranston Area Career and Technical Center’s (CACTC) Interactive Digital Media program. Casale was also named MVP of the world championship tournament, held live in front of 15,000 people, with 100,000 people watching online, in January. Casale’s peers in the Digital Media program were among the 100,000 watching online as he became the champion Smite player for the entire world.

The prize? $120,000. Per player. Casale has been honing his craft for the past several years, ultimately readying himself for this big event. “I first started playing Smite [an online, multi-player game]four or five years ago for fun. It’s a ranked system where better players get noticed by the professional players,” Casale said. “It took me about three years to get noticed. I played on a lower-end team first, and then got picked up and replaced a good friend of mine who works for the company now.” Casale took the fifth spot on the North American team and immediately felt the good synergy between him and the other players. He is the second youngest player on the team, whose players hail from all over the country. He began to learn from his own mistakes as he played, and saw himself improving.

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