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“Frivolous” AMC Ripped In ‘Walking Dead’ Suit By CAA & Frank Darabont, Again


It’s less than a month before The Walking Dead wraps up its eighth season. But more than four years into the legal apocalypse of CAA and Frank Darabont’s all-out-war lawsuit of nearly $300 million against AMC over profits from the blockbuster series, “frivolous” is the term the former are now repeatedly using to lambast the latter.

“AMC has filed a blatantly frivolous motion that is, as this Court predicted, ‘a distraction’ from the Court’s ruling on the pending motions for summary judgment,” say lawyers for the uber-agency and The Shawshank Redemption director in opposition filing today to the cabler’s submission of earlier this month (read it here). Taking things in a direction familiar to those who have been following the case since it was first filed in late 2013, Hollywood heavyweight attorney Dale Kinsella on Thursday used “frivolous” twice in an accompanying statement that also rips the cabler for “a transparent attempt to delay the Court’s ruling” in summary judgment motions argued last year.

Pivoting off an additional $10 million suit that CAA and Darabont hit them with back in January, as Deadline exclusively reported, AMC now are seeking over two more months of briefings on that long-since-submitted summary judgment paperwork. It’s a tactic that CAA and former TWD showrunner Darabont, who was canned by AMC in 2011 after bringing the show based on Robert Kirkman’s comics to life, believe is — well, a total sideshow and waste of everyone’s time from the inevitable.

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