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Mindy Cohn set to star in “Consequences” shooting in Atlanta on April 7th


Mindy Cohn, of “The Facts of Life” fame, is set to star in “Consequences” (Intro), shooting in Atlanta on April 7th, 2018. In what could be Ms. Cohn’s most compelling role, “Consequences” takes on one of today’s most relevant topics – sexual harassment in the workplace.

This project spoke to Ms. Cohn in such a way that she signed on almost immediately, and agreed to travel all the way from LA to Atlanta to be a part of it. Atlanta based writer and filmmaker, Kenneth Andrew Williams, will direct this riveting piece, which is being produced by Vanessa French and will include local talent, both in front of the camera and behind.

“Consequences” has massive potential to provide the unexpected; seeing Ms. Cohn in a completely fresh and unrecognizable way, and demonstrating that Atlanta has truly become a place where original content can be cultivated by smart, talented filmmakers, like Mr. Williams, who actually have an opinion and viewpoint on matters of relevance. It’s not every day that a collaboration like this occurs, which is why we believe there is a great and deeper story here to tell.


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