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Review: Love, Simon (3.5 stars)


Love, Simon is the first major teen movie about a gay teen. It’s directed by the guy who created Dawson’s Creek, produced by the same people who make The Fault in Our Stars and adapted by This Is Us writers. Love, Simon is the somewhat sweet, coming out, while coming of age story of 17 year old Simon. He is just an average boy living in the closet in American suburbia.

The different elements of Love, Simon are very good- the acting, pacing, writing, tone, editing and casting. The film is not bad by any means, but it’s only slightly better than lukewarm.  There are funny parts and dramatic parts, but nothing too over the top. The filmmakers and Nick Robinson do a great job creating a likeable character in Simon and the audience really cares for him. Love, Simon is a perfect example of life done light; there are some issues and troubles the characters face, but there’s growth, a lesson learned and a happy ending.

There has been a consensus amongst critics and many audience members alike, that the absolute best part of the film is Natasha Rothwell; she plays the no-nonsense drama teacher, who “doesn’t get paid enough for this crap.” She is refreshing, funny and full of heart. Natasha gives a wonderful performance that leaves the audience wishing she had gotten more screen time.

Love, Simon is a cute film, but super mild; it’s a rom-com that isn’t too funny or very romantic or dramatic. It’s like a 2018 gay teens’ version of Sleepless in Seattle. The film leaves you saying “aww.” I give the Georgia-made Love, Simon a 3.5 of stars.


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