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Theatre Macon was downtown before it was cool thanks to its visionary director


It’s hard to believe it was 23 years ago that Theatre Macon, founded in 1986, moved from the old S&S Cafeteria on Cherry Street into a new “forever home” in the former Ritz Theatre across the street.

While today Macon’s downtown is crowded with restaurants, clubs, concert venues, galleries and lofts, when director Jim Crisp announced the move, many cynics thought he had a screw loose. Today, of course, we realize the decision marked the start of the downtown renaissance. In addition to Theatre Macon, nearby we now have the renovated Grand Opera House and the historic Douglass Theatre, but when Crisp took that first step he was a true pioneer.

This season will be his last, but when he steps down he will be leaving an amazing performance space and an endowment that is planned to ensure the theater’s survival long into the future. If you haven’t read Crisp’s farewell message on the Theatre Macon website, I recommend it. Next season bears the title “Discover Yourself,” and at the annual preview party on April 21, the line-up will be revealed. If you have no worries whether the next season’s selections will please you, season tickets will go on sale April 1. Meanwhile, there are two shows remaining in the current season: “A MidSummer Night’s Dream” (April 6-18) and “Waiting in the Wings” (May 18-27).

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