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Atlanta Filmmaker Spends $240.00 to Make Film & Wins ‘Best Short Film of the Year’


Sinatra ‘Osm’ Onyewuchi, a talented writer, producer, director and actor was recently recognized at the Houston Gospel Announcer’s Guild (HGAG Film Festival) in Houston, Texas, for his short film, “Masterful.” The film was produced with a budget of $240.00.

“Masterful” would go on to win “Best Short Film of the Year” and the film had not been officially released. The film has since been released on YouTube (watch it above).  “If God provides for me to accept an award, I do. I was mostly overjoyed that the youth reacted with tears and other emotions to something I imagined would be good for their Spirit,”says Onyewuchi.

Some people wonder how he does it all. Onyewuchi wrote, produced, directed composed and starred in his own faith-based short film. He’s been on both sides of the camera, and he plans to use the same cost-cutting methods to produce high quality, faith-based content for the family-friendly market.

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