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Atlanta needs to develop its own style to remain in the media industry


In recent years, the Georgia media industry has seen a tremendous growth due in part to the state’s covetable tax incentives for film production.

Hundreds of productions have amassed billions of dollars for the state’s economy, and Atlanta is now on the map as the No. 3 overall production center for film and TV.

But as the city’s commercial media enterprises continue to flourish, questions have arisen over future sustainability of the industry here and the Hollywood “service space” that Atlanta has become.

Dr. Ethan Tussey, a media industry studies professor at Georgia State, said the “service space” status Atlanta holds isn’t viable in the long run. He said in order for the city to become a permanent mainstay in American filmmaking, it has to become its own recognizable brand, and needs to break out of the “service space” mold to live on as a significant cultural element.

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