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Cynthia Nixon Goes After New York’s Tax Breaks for Movies


In a sign that she continues to know how to make news, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon has gone after rival Andrew Cuomo for showering taxpayer dollars on the industry that helped make her a star. Last week she had this to say to the Buffalo News about New York’s expensive film-and-TV tax-credit program, one of the nation’s largest:

Asked for her view of a major tax break Cuomo has championed for the film and television industry, Nixon said she is studying the issue. But, she quickly added, “I don’t think there’s any real truth that that enormous expenditure of money is making a significant enough different in production to justify it.’’ She added that the more than $420 million annual tax break the industry receives “doesn’t merit the investment” the state is giving in tax credits. She said the beneficiaries are predominately large entertainment companies.

After getting some blowback for criticizing a program that indirectly benefited her as Miranda Hobbes in the two Sex and the City movies (actors’ salaries are not eligible for the subsidies, and the long-running TV show completed filming before the program was created), she made it clear she was serious about the issue, as the New York Post reported:

“Cynthia is opposed to enormous tax giveaways to large corporations with no strings attached. As governor, she will reform the film tax credit program to ensure greater benefit to small and independent films,” said Nixon campaign spokeswoman Rebecca Katz.

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