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Georgia College grads making a name for themselves in film industry


While the ME Film Festival hosts people from all over the world, the local talent is not forgotten.  A graduate of Georgia College is showcasing his short film in the town of his alma mater, which has, of course, impacted him in a very real way.

“I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it weren’t for Milledgeville,” Sam Wilson, director and actor in the short film, ‘Plunge’ said. “I was a student of GCSU and the four years I spent down here were some of the most significant of my life. Milledgeville will always be a second home to me, and the people I’ve met there are family.

Wilson’s film, ‘Plunge,’ is a short film about a young woman, played by another Georgia College talent, Harlee Pope, who stands on the edge of a cliff overlooking a river, contemplating her life and death. She is shocked to look over and see a young man, played by the director, Sam Wilson, standing by the same drop-off.

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