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How was Savannah? ‘Gemini Man’ production talks ‘wonderful’ city, SCAD and hope for a return


April 12 was the last day of shooting in Georgia for “Gemini Man,” the film most of Savannah has been talking about since it set up shop a number of weeks ago. The film, which stars Will Smith, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Clive Owen, is moving production to Colombia and Hungary, but wanted to leave the Hostess City with their impression of the town so multiple members of the production took the time to answer questions from the Savannah Morning News.

What made you all decide on Savannah as the filming location?

Savannah had everything (the) production was looking for, as well as terrific infrastructure, great assistance from the Savannah Film Office, as well as city and state authorities, talented local crew, and fine housing for cast and crew. It’s a wonderful place to make a feature film.

What have the interactions with locals who have shown up while you all have been filming scenes been like?

Local people have been consistently and genuinely polite, friendly, kind and hospitable, as well as very patient and understanding. We could not ask for more.

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