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MPAA Chairman and CEO Charles Rivkin Delivers First CinemaCon “State of the Industry” Keynote Address


In his first CinemaCon appearance, Motion Picture Association of America Chairman and CEO Charles Rivkin delivered the “State of the Industry” keynote address. Before an audience of theatre owners and film industry leaders, Rivkin emphasized the continued strength and evolution of the global film industry.

“From Burbank to Beijing, the theatrical experience is still as powerful a draw as it has ever been – and will continue to be far into the future,” Rivkin said. “2017 was another strong year at the cinema. Globally, we hit a record high of $40.6 billion at the box office.”

Rivkin reinforced the MPAA’s ongoing commitment to protecting creators and their works, reducing online piracy, driving a strong creative economy that generates U.S. jobs and opportunities in all 50 states, and ensuring film continues to serve as a positive force in the world.

“Protecting our creativity is not only a fundamental right. It’s an economic necessity, for us and all creative economies. Film and television are among the most valuable – and most impactful – exports we have. In addition to the projection of American ideas and soft power, they account for $16.5 billion in exports,” Rivkin continued.

Held annually in Las Vegas, CinemaCon is the official convention of the National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO) and the largest gathering for the worldwide motion picture theater industry. The event features exclusive studio product presentations along with a trade show of the latest technological advances and innovative concession offerings. Rivkin’s keynote address followed remarks from NATO President and CEO John Fithian.

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