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New Music Modernization Act Unanimously Approved by House Committee


The United States House Judiciary Committee voted unanimously (32-0) to approve the new Music Modernization Act (H.R. 5447), legislation that would reform music licensing laws for the 21st century – including the long-overdue CLASSICS Act. Below is a comment from Chairman & CEO Cary Sherman on the advancement of this critical consensus bill.

“As this historic legislation begins to advance through Congress, we move one step closer to the finish line.  A unanimous vote should send unmistakable signal to lawmakers in both chambers:  this package of reforms enjoys deep, bipartisan support.  And for good reason –  this bill is result of thoughtful, extensive examination of the patchwork of antiquated music licensing laws that poorly serve creators.  This includes the unintended and unfair quirk in the law that denies legacy artists the federal right to be compensated by digital radio services.  We are grateful for the stewardship of Chairman Goodlatte and Ranking Member Nadler, as well as Representatives Issa, Johnson, Collins, Jeffries, Smith, and Deutch, who all have been tireless advocates for this important legislation. We now look to the House floor, and urge all Members of Congress to advance this bill to help make these critical reforms a reality.”


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