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UGA alumni self-produce independent film “Down and Yonder”


Making a movie is hard enough on a massive studio budget, but an independent production company formed by several University of Georgia alumni was able to create its own film for only a budget of around $30,000.

“Down and Yonder” is the debut feature by Cindicate Productions, the aforementioned production company. Founded by UGA graduates Christopher Flippo and Jonathan Hunt, along with actor-producer Geoff James, the company started off creating a series of low budget shorts. In 2012, after adding a few more UGA grads amongst their ranks, Cindicate produced the short film “Dogtooth,” written and directed by James.

The company continued to create as many short films and documentaries as they could, eventually going for broke with the feature “Down and Yonder.” Although they had worked with other productions before, this was the group’s first foray in creating a feature length movie on their own.

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