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2018 is on track to be a big year for the Baton Rouge film industry. Is Hollywood South back?


This spring, spotting Tom Hanks became sort of a game among locals.

Social media accounts revealed enthusiastic sightings of the megastar at eateries like City Pork, Galatoire’s Bistro and The Velvet Cactus, and shops like Cottonwood Books.

But Hanks was likely most frequently spotted on the downtown riverfront at the U.S.S. Kidd, one of the shooting locations for his forthcoming feature film, Greyhound. The $50 million World War II picture tells the story of U.S. Naval Commander Ernest Krause, played by Hanks, as he leads a convoy of Allied vessels across the Atlantic while being hunted by German U-boats. Large parts of the film were also filmed at Celtic Studios on Airline Highway.

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