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A day in the life of a Fayette movie extra


On any given day in Georgia, there are numerous productions being filmed. As a matter of fact, Georgia has recently outpaced California and New York in film productions. According to industry analysts Film L.A., Georgia was the production center for more feature films released in 2016/17 than any other market in the United States.

This means the time is ripe to get involved in this industry and make a little extra money. How, you ask?

You can start by being an extra.

Is being an extra right for you? If you are OK with long days but quite a bit of excitement, then this gig is for you.

There are quite a few websites and casting companies that put out casting calls daily by email and social media. If it says the pay will be $64/8, this means that you are guaranteed $64 whether you are there for an hour or eight hours. After the eight hours, you get time and a half.

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