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Award-Winning Animator Jeff Scheetz to Lead One-Day Computer Animation Workshop at Springer Film Institute June 16th


It’s no secret that Georgia’s film industry has exploded in recent years. As a result of the tax credit the state offers filmmakers, Georgia has become the world’s largest producer of film. Last year alone, the film industry generated nearly $10 billion dollars for Georgia’s economy.

Filmmaking has added over 90,000 jobs in our state and with economic success like that, it’s clear that film is here to stay.

In recent years, the tax incentive has been expanded to include animation and game development which has animation and gaming companies looking to set up shop in Georgia.

Columbus is in a unique position to play a part in this success with several key players envisioning Columbus becoming the HUB for animation and CGI (Computer Graphic Imagery) in the state of Georgia. In fact, CSU’s art department is ramping up a graphic design and animation program anticipating the industry demand.

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