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CINÉ Launches Crowdfunding Campaign: Let’s Buy CINÉ! Help Save Athens’ Only Art House Cinema!


The award winning, historically renovated building that houses Ciné is now up for sale, and Athens Film Arts Institute has launched a new crowdfunding campaign to buy it! Visit:

The goal of this new crowdfunding campaign is to raise the final $100,000 needed to secure the down payment on a mortgage. If we don’t make this goal, Athens could lose Ciné. As Ciné celebrates its 11th year as Athens’ only downtown movie theatre, we hope to ensure that the cinema can celebrate many more years in its beloved downtown space.

Athens Film Arts Institute (AFAI), the 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that supports and manages Ciné, has a brief window of opportunity with the exclusive right to purchase the building through mid-2018. After that time, the building will be offered for sale on the open market. Ciné’s location is highly desirable, prime real estate, and buying the property is necessary to provide stability and security to the long-term, nonprofit mission.

In April of 2017, AFAI began a three-year, $2.5 million capital campaign intended to cover the purchase and maintenance of the building, improvement of facilities, and expanded opportunities for programming, and is now looking to take the crucial step of securing a $1.5 million mortgage loan.


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