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Georgia State’s eSports Program Helps Students Tap Into This $900M Industry


This year, the global eSports industry is projected to grow to more than $900 million in revenue, a year-over-year growth of 38 percent. This fast-growing media empire holds promise of fame and fortune, involving big sponsors, sold-out tournaments and fan followings in the millions around the world.

The state of Georgia is central to the industry, currently playing home to over 75 gaming companies, such as Hi-Rez Studios of Smite and Paladins fame.

However, becoming a gamer is not the only way to tap into this growing market. Georgia State University is helping students make the necessary connections to careers in the eSports industry, which can include social media management, eSports reporting, event management, game tester, team coach, business strategy and more.

Out of the initial 350 students in the school’s eSports program, only 20 percent wanted to compete. The rest were interested in things like broadcasting on live-streaming platform Twitch or planning tournaments, says David Mark Cheshier, Director of GSU’s Creative Media Industries Institute (CMII).

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